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Welcome to One Tea Lounge & Grill!

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Celebrating Food & Life from the Heart


We are passionate to deliver a creative and innovative food and beverage experience to every customer. We cook & serve from the heart as we share our journey with you as we want to celebrate our food & life with you.

We have developed an exciting eclectic menu that infuses premium Japanese Green Tea into our food and signature cocktails that is unique in Sydney and will excite your culinary taste & vision senses.

We started off from humble beginnings at the 2013 Night Noodle Markets with our innovative & popular Ramen Burger and we introduced a Rice Burger in 2014. In June 2015, we are now opening at 73 York Street bringing the Matcha Baoger and Baoger along with a range of innovative dishes and signature cocktails infused with premium Japanese Green Tea.

In our restaurant bar, you will see features that tells our story, a 6 metre long mural depicting our origins from the Night Noodle Markets.

You will see a spectacular Daisy flower wall feature as a tribute to a brave & beautiful girl who passed away with cancer in 2014. Her dream was to have a restaurant bar in York Street so ONE Tea Lounge & Grill is a fulfilment of that dream and she will forever be remembered as the soul & inspiration of the business.

And to commemorate that vision, we have a spectacular Aboriginal wall feature titled the “Circle of Life” which celebrates our life and food as a new beginning for a prosperous future.

I hope by sharing our story with everyone that you don’t visit One Tea Lounge and Grill just to have a great meal but to also enjoy and celebrate a food experience from the heart as well joining me to support cancer patient care and research for a better life for others.

We invite you to enjoy and celebrate the Japanese Green Tea experience…

David Yip

Owner of ONE Tea Lounge & Grill


MATCHA VIP Birthday Party 12/07/2016
Night Noodle Markets Sydney 2015
One Tea Lounge & Grill
“ONE Tea Lounge & Grill“
Restaurant Opening Video on 26 June 2015